Saturday, February 20, 2016

How To Lose 10 Kgs in 1 Hour in Singapore...Bubble Soccer!

"Oh she comes!"
"Way better than normal soccer."
"I never sweated so much in my life."

Some friends say I'm not the adventurous type. As if eating my own cooking isn't adventurous enough...So tired of all the mocking, this weekend I threw caution to the wind and consulted a brand new start-up here in Singapore, highly recommended by a friend. It's kind of like Uber but for hobbies and activities. Word of warning: if you let your 14 year old son choose you might end up with something called Bubble Soccer, simply put there is no quicker way to lose weight in the tropics. And heat stroke is a distinct possibility. Then again, it's could get heat stroke walking to the grocery store. And if you let your son do the bubble soccer along with seven of his pals, you can grab a coffee and watch. They will thank you profusely as they change out of their sweat drenched shirts and you will have the perfect excuse to choose the wine tasting instead. Win-win.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's Never Too Late...To Have Your Child Live Out Your Dreams

Eliot with wonderful Head Coach Amy Brooks
Ever since I watched as a kid old footage of a young Nadia Comaneci score a perfect 10 at the Olympics, I have been fascinated by gymnastics. In fact, it has been a secret passion of mine. So it was with joy and trepidation that I watched my daughter try out for the team at her new school. From the moment she donned her outfit, she was hooked. And her passion and confidence (not just in gymnastics but in all areas) has soared. She may not be the next Comaneci but a Mom can dream...