Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fun Things To Do With Kids in Singapore

"Are we having fun yet?"

As promised, here is a list of 10 fun things to do in Singapore with your kids during the holidays.
If you, like me, hate crafts, long car trips, and anything involving a roller coaster, then this is the list for you.

1) Swimming's Singapore, after all. (Tip: take a book and large hat...just so they realize you're not actually jumping in the pool with them.)

2) Go to the bookstore Kinokuniya in Takashimaya. Hours of fabulous browsing and reading.
You may or may not want to avoid stationery area-depending on your disposable income.

3) Have a yummy breakfast of masala dhosai in Little India. Good way to assess your kids' spicy index.

4) Go to the movies. Just remember to check the rating first. Les Miserables was rated NC16-go figure.

5) Ice skating at the new olympic rink (@JCube Jurong). Allow some time beforehand to buy matching hat and gloves. At least an hour if you have Italian kids.

6) Dumplings at Din Tai Fung-what's not to love?

7) Watching Mythbusters with your kids on TV.

8) Grocery shopping followed by a stop at the local food court for kimchi fried rice and Korean Bbq. (Yes, I do realize most of my activities involve eating...blame my kids and wide array of choices in Singapore.)

9) Legoland in Malaysia (full disclosure: we still need to go). But it is on my kids' wish list and is just a forty minute drive away.

10) And finally, take them to visit their Dad's office for a surprise visit. (Tip: Accidentally leave one of them there.)

What do you like to do with your kids during the holidays? Please add...


  1. Picnic at the Botanical Gardens?!

  2. I like the leaving one accidentally at Daddy's office! Must try that one!

  3. Legoland was a smidge more than 40 minutes away for us! (headache!!!)

    Happy holiday break!

    1. Thank you-Naomi-happy holidays and thank you for your feedback. Would love to hear more about why/how it took so long before we attempt that particular adventure...

  4. Can't wait to be back in Singapore to try some of that out...!

  5. Hey Jules, can't wait for you and your concert at the Botanical Gardens!!

  6. Borrowing someone else's pool to make a change from your own (now there's a spoilt expat comment); taking a scooter to East Coast Park; dodging the monkeys at MacRitchie. Totally agree about the Kinokunyia and Din Tai Fung comments, two of my all-time fave spots. Probably without kids, though :)
    Loving the blog!

  7. The comment about Italian kids needing a little more time to color-coordinate hats and gloves made me laugh. :) And my boys grew up watching "Mythbusters"!

    Sounds like a wonderful life in Singapore!

    1. Thanks Lisa-glad you liked it! It's fun but then again 3 wks are a LONG time...luckily Monday it's back to school!

  8. What a good looking boy!


  9. We love the water play areas at some of the malls.

  10. As I have 3 boys, we go to the driving range, mini-golf, futsal and football, badminton, lotsa picnic and frisbee time at the Botanical Gardens (we live just next to it ;-)

  11. Nice article. I have also published an article about fun things to do with kids in Singapore here:


  12. Fountains at top floor of Vivocity. The luge at sentosa. Kids set meal at Yoshinoya with its smiley face chips.