Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Toothless Beauties

Three toothless beauties hoping the tooth fairy comes to Singapore.

Eliot: "I am not going to kiss any boys ever...just give them a high five."
What? Not even one kiss? You have to kiss on your wedding day.
"Well, on that day, I am going to put on fake lips."
That's actually a good idea, but where are you going to find them?

It's not easy being seven...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My New BFF Lives in Bhutan!

Not just a book for expats in Singapore...apparently it's all the rage in Bhutan! 

A huge thank you for all those of you who believed in a new, unknown author and went out and bought the book. I am totally overwhelmed to discover that my book is still #1 at Kinokuniya in pop culture category!!
Looking forward to my official book launch there next month (Saturday, Oct.19th @ 4pm)!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Next to Lady Gaga!

"Baby, you'll be famous..."

This post is dedicated to all those who sing along to the radio in the car because they know every single word to every single song (worst passengers ever), who were told by their parents (repeatedly) that if they kept singing it would start to rain, and who only sing in showers when they're alone in the house. Basically those who, like me, love to sing but for some cruel twist of fate have a terrible voice. Just believe in yourself. One day you may find yourself right next to Lady Gaga on the shelf of a shop?!
So it's a bookshop and not a record shop. Details.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Selling like hotcakes at Kinokuniya!!

"Who said there's nothing good to read on buses?"

Quick update from the bookstore: It has been restocked!!

"Diary of An Expat in Singapore sold out in its first week at Kinokuniya." Not even remotely what I was expecting would happen seven months ago, when I sat in front of a table full of post-its, wondering exactly how many words make up a book.
Not to mention its inauspicious placement on book shelves in some of the other bookstores, discussed here:
I may have dreamed of being next to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad,"  but business? Really?

So a very big thank you to all of you who took the plunge and went out and bought the book! I am loving your feedback. Especially when it contains the words: 'hilarious,' 'can't put it down', 'kids are making their own dinner tonight'. On the other hand, if it made you need to share. Not aiming for the Pulitzer here (obviously). One week ago, I was just hoping Eliot and her cousin Luca pictured above, wouldn't be the only readers :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boys Birthday Parties: Be Prepared

"Who needs cups...when you have a frozen slushy?"

If you are a parent at an all boys birthday party you really need to be prepared:

1) Be prepared to not relax.
2) Be prepared to need the wine you brought for the other moms.
3) Be prepared to eat most of the chips you allegedly put out for the boys.
4) Be prepared to spend most of the party on the edge of your chair when one kid suggests: "Let's have a jumping competition...from the high wall straight into the pool below."
5) Be prepared to wonder why you agreed to a boys only party. A five hour one.
6) Be prepared to hear lots of laughing if the pizzeria you take them to has the word "Virgin" in it.
7) Be prepared to explain to a mom there is actually no need for the two dozen eggs she kindly brought for the egg flinging competition (nice one, Alexander).
8) Be prepared for lots of wrestling. That's not fighting... that's actually the way boys play.
9) Be prepared with an ice bag, band aids, and a fair amount of diplomatic maneuvering.
10) Be prepared to hear the words: skill, fail, and epic...a lot.
11) Be prepared to have a surefire hit if you hire the slushie machine your son always dreamed of. And don't look surprised, when the very helpful rep informs you it makes over 120 slushies. There may only be 12 boys but there are even more unsuspecting, dry necks.

Happy 12th Birthday, Alexander!