Saturday, September 7, 2013

Next to Lady Gaga!

"Baby, you'll be famous..."

This post is dedicated to all those who sing along to the radio in the car because they know every single word to every single song (worst passengers ever), who were told by their parents (repeatedly) that if they kept singing it would start to rain, and who only sing in showers when they're alone in the house. Basically those who, like me, love to sing but for some cruel twist of fate have a terrible voice. Just believe in yourself. One day you may find yourself right next to Lady Gaga on the shelf of a shop?!
So it's a bookshop and not a record shop. Details.


  1. Wow-next to Lady that's something :) Way to go Jen!

  2. I love to sing and I also have a terrible voice.,.never stopped me either!