Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Thing I Hate About Singapore

Last night I had a wonderful dinner out: delicious food, generous hosts, and fun company. It was a bitter sweet night, though, because it was a farewell party. Another one. It seems many of the good friends I have made these last few years are moving away in the next few weeks.
I have always said that the thing I like best about Singapore is the amazing, eclectic mix of people you get to meet. The thing I hate most is when those people have to leave.
And so I am now forced to say goodbye to dear Odette, who is moving back to Switzerland (not so shabby, I know) to take the pharmaceutical world by storm, wonderful Tina who returns to Sydney where she will work and in her free time (oxymoron for this girl) become the global Montessori leader we all know she was always meant to be, and sweet Yasuyo, who will brave the waters of Bangkok to join her husband.
I will miss you guys. Your positive energy, good advice, and the breakfasts in Little India, where over masala dhosas we went from being homesick to accepting Singapore as our new home (sort of).
Goodbye Odette, Tina, and Yasuyo.
Bon voyage. Until we meet again...


  1. So sad when friends have to leave...

  2. Must be very special friends.

  3. Hello! Yes, I agree. The evening was bitter sweet! I can't believe that we are leaving in 4 weeks! Thank you for sharing the evening with us! Loved the article! Kisses, Odette

  4. It was a very special evening, Odette! We had a great time...I know you'll have wonderful days ahead and the fact that you love Italy so much is encouraging...Basel is not soooo far from Verona!

  5. We will all hook up again. Most certainly our doors will always be open. :)