Monday, November 21, 2011

Ten Things I Do Instead of Working on My Book

1. Make coffee.
2. Read book reviews online.
3. Order some of those books on Amazon.
4. Think how helpful reading those books will be for writing my own book.
5. Update my blog.
6. Email friends.
7. Change my screen saver.
8. Congratulate myself on finally sitting down and writing a book.
9. Think maybe I should be writing a different book.
10. Make more coffee.


  1. Cool Jennifer, what book are you writing?

  2. Thanks, I'm writing a book for middle graders...

  3. Aimed at the 10-12 yr old bunch. It's about a 9yr old kid who has a bad fall/concussion so the dr tells the Mom he can't fall asleep. The Mom needs to tell him stories all night to keep him awake...

  4. Thanks Lindsay, and I don't even have the termite extermination excuse...that would set me back-at least a year!

  5. Just keep going, we're anxiously waiting for your book. It will be awesome!

  6. Will you give us a little preview?

  7. =Procrastination
    Can't wait to read your book!!! Don't keep your audience waiting....