Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten Things I Learned About My First Grader

Yesterday, I went to the first Parent-Teacher Conference of the year at Eliot's school. This is what I found out:

1) Eliot does not work well if you push her. Teacher repeated this twice. You must not push her. (No surprise here, she is her Dad's daughter.)

2) Her teacher noted that when there's not enough room to complete a word, instead of writing the remaining letters under the word like most people do, she writes them on top.

3) Needs to de-code things and proceed to do them in her own way (see point 2).

4) She still can't read.

5) She was the only student able to provide a definition for the term 'get along.'

6) On the classroom wall, where it says: "Who I am," she has written: "I am my brother's little sister."

7) First, Eliot told me that her classmate likes me. But then, she clarified that she doesn't really like me. It's the blueberry muffins I brought after reading that she really likes. (Honesty is so overrated.)

8) Her cubby hole has a suspiciously high amount of little raisin boxes.

9) Her Chinese name 'ai le' means 'loves smiling'.

10) She always hugs the teacher on her way out of class.