Wednesday, November 2, 2011

After School Clubs

Now that Eliot is in the first grade she gets to join clubs at her school. She chose Chinese Games (I wonder how long before she realizes that the games are actually in Chinese) and Sports Club.
Yesterday she had Sports Club. I came a little early to pick her up so I could see how she was getting on. By far, the smallest (the club includes students up until the third grade), she looked thrilled when selected to be on teams which included 'big girls' but after that didn't look like she was running very much. Having been officially named myself, way back when, member of the 'No Sweat Society' by my badminton coach, I shouldn't judge. In the open hall where the humidity index factor was easily 100 (typical temperature right after a rainstorm in Singapore), Eliot was conferring very seriously with another tiny girl also from first grade. The very patient and enthusiastic coach (you would have to be, to teach small kids a ball game in that steam bath) came over to see why the two girls were having such an animated debate instead of playing.
Later, she confided to me that they were asking each other: "Is this game fun?"
One thing is sure: it takes serious stamina to play outdoor sports in Singapore weather.
What was your favorite outdoor game as a kid?


  1. Roller skating with my friends...are those uniforms cotton or polyester?

  2. bicycling but never upgraded to a Vespa.

  3. Cool, that was me as well...although even bicycling at times was hazardous to my health (or was it to those around me)?