Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm back, finally...

Eliot has been home from her kindergarten for almost a month. Very high fever then bad case of urticaria (continent like hives covering her body) caused by an allergic reaction to a viral illness and finally after just walking back into her school for the day she came home with the croup.
We're keeping her home now until the Christmas holiday.
This combined with sudden onset of homesickness have kept me away from the keyboard. Btw, you know you are homesick where there is a) not a specific thing you miss and b) your mother tells you over the phone how bleak the weather is and your answer is a wistful "really, is it foggy too? Awww...."
Sometimes it's hard to believe it's December in Singapore when it's so hot if feels like July.
One thing that brought me out of the slump was the breakfast birthday party I had with my girlfriends. It was so fun. I hadn't had a birthday party in sooo long. About 16 girlfriends came and we had lots of laugh and lots of masala dhosa! And I got so many's like they read my mind too: books, vouchers for books, starbucks vouchers, perfumes, lavender soaps, pretty bags...the cherry on the cake was coming home to find a drawing of purple flowers by Eliot on my pillow. (Photo from when Eliot first arrived in Singapore 4 yrs ago).