Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"I'd Rather Be Reading Naruto..."

You may have been a green beret, a navy seal, or the CEO of a large corporation but nothing will prepare you for helping your eight year old son with his homework. First of all, this is 'help' he does not want and does not appreciate. In fact, any 'help' you will give, no matter if it is in the tone of Mother Theresa handing someone a bowl of rice, it will still be misconstrued as 'judging' him. In his mind, an innocent: "you might want to check the spelling of frenly, I'm pretty sure it's spelled friendly," will warrant an extreme reaction: "I knew it. You hate me."
Lately things have gotten a lot better. He just tells me he doesn't have any...who am I to argue. After all, life is short.


  1. ha ha, agreed. Just tell him you trust him to do his homework, and also to let you know if he wants you to check anything or to help:) He will let you know. Be happy he is such a great reader and obviously enjoys books so much! Who helped him learn how to read again?! :)

  2. @ anonymous: that's a great tip! Will definitely follow it. And yes, I am very happy he likes books so much, the boy gets away with a lot because of that. Believe me.