Wednesday, June 6, 2012

With a Little Help From My Friends...

Eliot and her buddies

Unicorns, bears, and puppies...the world of a six year old (at least mine). Time is passing so fast I decided to write down the words Eliot mispronounces (and that I haven't had the heart to correct). That's not including the 'th' which she pronounces 'f' just like her brother. Strangely enough, I was totally unaware of this fact, until his second grade teacher mentioned it offhandedly.
"Alexander has a great flair for story telling, great imagination, great speaker except for that tiny 'speech impediment.'
"He has a speech impediment?!"
"Yes, didn't you notice? He says: 'firsty' instead of 'thirsty'."

Anyway, here goes:
1) Tatter tale (instead of tattle tale)
2) Aminal (animal)
3) Fravorite (favorite)
4) Alezander (Alexander)
5) Alvin and the Chickmunks (Chipmunks)
6) Emeny (enemy)
7) South Eats Asia (South East Asia)
8) Bolleyball (volleyball)
9) Washington, CD
10) Nuffing (nothing)

Did you mispronounce any words as a kid?


  1. Hey Jen,
    Here's one my son just stopped saying that never failed to crack me up, even though I tried not to laugh out loud: "skun-skreen" (for sunscreen)

    What a cute girl! This is such an adorable age.
    xo, Susan

  2. I like the South Eats Asia! ha ha :) too cute!

  3. Noa does "aminal" too!

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  5. HI Jen, Eliot is so adorable. the twins love Bolleyball!

  6. HI Jen, Eliot is so adorable. the twins love Bolleyball!

  7. At 3 years old, Lily speaks very well an has for a long time. But two words she loves to say incorrectly are Breakfixed (breakfast) and blanklet (blanket) and I totally encourage it! One day, she will correct herself and a little bit of her baby magic will be gone.

  8. Oh gosh I love aminal, emeny and South Eats Asia ;-) so much better than the so called correct versions.

    This has to be shared on twitter :)

  9. There is absolutely nuffing wrong with the way your child speaks. She is adoorbell!