Monday, January 12, 2015

There's No Place Like Carnegie...

Sometimes, it would be nice to close my eyes and just tap my heels, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to get to a place that is faraway. A place, for example, like New York City. I heard there was a sold out concert last night at Carnegie Hall. Well done, Julian!
"How do you get to Carnegie?" (photo creds Carolyn Youri)


  1. Hi there, I have just spent the last two days reading your entire blog! Over the last few years I have fallen in love with SE Asia. We haven't visited Singapore yet, but have friends there so hope to in the future.

    I am very curious about life in the area: What were the challenges when you first arrived? Thanks!

    1. Thank you, that is very kind! I am glad you enjoyed reading it. All the best on your future travels!

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