Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Haircut


Santa Claus brought Eliot the entire Gilmore Girls for Christmas. The popular TV series features the brainy and beautiful Rory Gilmore (pictured above on Alexander's phone screen). After watching about ten episodes, Eliot has her heart set on two things: going to Harvard and Rory's hairstyle. We decide to focus on the one that doesn't involve the $60.000 yearly tuition. Since her Dad is in charge of all things styling (he is the 100% Italian parent), the two go shopping to find the perfect Rory-like headband. After a walk down Orchard boulevard which involves entering multiple shops (full disclosure: I would have given up after the first shop, hence not the real shopper of the family) success! He then takes it a step further, by booking an appointment to achieve the actual look.
Fast forward to the next day and Eliot misses her hair, Not in an understated way, she really misses it. This morning, as we wait for the lift, just one refrain: "I want my hair back."
Her Dad? Oh, he's on a business trip to China...


  1. Ahh yes! Adorable. Tell her I think she's a dead ringer for Rory. Brains and beauty.