Monday, September 13, 2010

Twelve Sure Signs You are An Expat Mom Living in Singapore

1) You decide that your morning walk to drop the kids off at school is close enough to taking an ashtanga yoga course.
2) If you hear the term: "trailing spouse" one more time...
3) You measure distance in taxi-minute terms.
4) You'd like your children to learn just don't want to be a part of it.
5) The only time you can wear your favorite jeans and sweater is at the movies (where it feels like winter in Alaska).
6) Your handbag includes mosquito repellent, sunscreen, umbrella, and your kid's bathing suit.
7) You miss your car, your best friend, your relatives. In that order.
8) You know the difference between a gekko and a lizard.
9) You become an expert at dealing with jetlag.
10) At $10 a box, you qualify cheerios as a luxury item.
11) You don't fight with your kids so much...but that could be because you can't hear them over the construction work.
12) You disregard the humidity index of 100% and think a picnic at the Botanical Gardens is a good idea.


  1. Those are thirteen signs!

  2. Good call! Just checking to see if anybody would catch it...

  3. Stumbled across your post - love this list!