Saturday, July 2, 2011

If You're a Vegetarian Don't Read This!

Lately, my kids have started to shift from the whole puppy idea to the more attainable bunny idea. Though, we still watch compulsively The Dog Whisperer, I noticed the subject in their conversations has definitely changed.
Eliot: "I really want a rabbit. I want a nice white fluffy one."
Alexander: "Well, how would you feel if you were a rabbit with brown spots and nobody wanted you?"
Alexander: "Yes, so let's not say for sure that we want a white one. We'll just know when we see them all which one to choose."
Eliot: "Okay, I'll take very good care of our bunny and I'll tell Daddy not to eat it."

Somewhat scary train of thought but the girl has a point. Her Dad is from Verona and Veronesi are known to eat rabbit (if you are a habitual reader of my posts, you can put that down next to the horsemeat mentioned in a previous post). This is true. He mainly ate it as a child and once mentioned how delicious it is with polenta. This admission so impressed Eliot that I have heard her introduce herself, saying: "My name is Eliot and my Daddy ate a rabbit."
The heartless Dad is still holding out on getting them a bunny but he has offered them this 'not-at-all' traumatizing concession: "Sure you can have a bunny when we get to Italy. There are plenty of rabbits at the supermarket."

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