Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm back...

Hello blog. It's been over two months.
I have to admit that Eliot's 3 night hospitalization for serious case of salmonella in July (after her last day of school party) may have triggered my feeling disconnected and remote, certainly exacerbated by spending part of August in my parent's summer house (no TV, no phone, no Internet) and no, they do not live on some remote Finnish island. Only today, with Eliot finally joining her brother in the school ranks, do I find myself in a quiet house in front of a computer screen with a cup of hot coffee. Wow, Eliot started first grade today, that certainly brings me back.
Of my many (many) school years, the first grade was, hands down, the hardest for me. In retrospect, the fact that I couldn't see the board and badly needed glasses, can't have helped. I still remember just not getting the alphabet, the phonic system, or all.
So Eliot, this morning when you were worried about going to school because you "don't know how to read," believe me, it really hit home. But don't worry, pretty sure you'll be fine.
Now, about that other small matter of Math being in Chinese this year...
I guess some things are better left to discover on your own.

(Eliot on her first day of first grade)

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