Monday, September 19, 2011

Can Michael Phelps Skate?

Alexander has started a new school. This school offers many more sports than his old one. He's doing swimming, baskeball, aerial troupe, and athletics. Maybe he was sports deprived.
But to be honest, we're not that sure he's really keen on swimming. After the many laps he had to do to get on the team, his first words as he got out of the pool, were: "I'm going to get you for this."
That can't be good.
I have to confess that like most expats who live in Singapore surrounded by pools I have always been completely paranoid about having both my kids become good swimmers. I watch every single swim lesson. And, the fact that the kids' swim instructor is an ex-Mr. Singapore is totally irrelevant.
On Friday, Alexander had his first swim meet after school, he came in last. I was excited he had competed at all. He complained that the kids he swam against were so big that when they jumped in the lane they created a tidal wave that overwhelmed him. I figured he was exaggerating until I saw them. This kid needs some protein, pronto!
I admit that in part I am influenced by my older brother (yes, the same one who always won at Monopoly, if you've been following this blog) who was on the swim team at Yale. But Alexander likes to dash those dreams. "Of all the sports I do, swimming is the one I like least. Just so you know I'm only doing this for you." (Excellent reason.) In fact, yesterday he confided that all the other kids on the team told him that they also do not like swimming but are just doing it because their parents want them to.
Finally, I feel like I'm part of a team: Annoying Parents Who Force Their Kids to Be on the Swim Team. Okay, so it's not so catchy I get a t-shirt?


  1. Keep it up, Alexander!

  2. There are too many other sports/activities to waste time on something they don't like. I was actually really happy when Tess said she wanted a break from the swim team. She too booked up with ballet. Ronan loves it, so he sticks with it, even though it conflicts with his first love -- baseball. One thing I will say for swimming -- Ronan got enormous! Really. Grew into a beast.