Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Grown Up?

Alexander is coming back tonight from his 5 day school expedition to Taman Negara, rainforest in Malaysia, about 8 hrs away by train from Singapore. I don't know about you but I think my 5th grade field trip was to the city market. A bit much? On the second day he was gone, I was already looking through old drawings he had given me and re-thinking the whole 'away at college one day' scenario. Maybe it's not such a good idea after all (well, at least not for me). It's hard to fathom that the boy who was first in line to get on the bus to the faraway (no phone calls allowed) rainforest was the same boy who used to cling to my pants when I left him off at preschool. Not that I'm not happy he left with so much enthusiasm, because I am. Really. Just a little teary.

Yesterday Eliot was playing with a friend, chatting about boyfriends, babies, and marriage. The usual stuff...for a five year old? It's funny because she's so obsessed with mother-baby relationship that now even her pets (stuffed animals with Bear at the helm) have pets.
Anyway, I overheard her saying: "Oh, yes, I have a boyfriend."
What's this, I strained to listen?
"It's the older brother of Alexander's friend. But we don't talk to each's too embarassing." Ah, these modern relationships.


  1. These modern it!

  2. awesome stuff! can't wait to read the next post~

  3. Too cute about the boyfriend! Love the photo of them, by the way. Has the light quality of an old portrait.

  4. Thanks Jules and Lisa, was an unusually (pleasantly so) cold morning for July in Verona.