Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Musings of a Five-yr-old

When I went to pick Eliot up from school today she showed me a tiny eraser that her friend gave her.
"She got it in Hong Kong. Can we go to Hong Kong to get more?"
Hmmm, you do realize that Hong Kong is four hours away by plane from Singapore.
"Well, four hours is not one hundred."
The crushing logic of a five year old.

(Later, while watching the music video of Taylor Swift sing 'Fifteen').
"Is this girl in jail?"
No, why?
"Because Justin Beever is in jail. Maddie told Katie and Katie told me. Because Maddie sometimes looks at the news. A very important girl asked Justin Beever for chopsticks but he didn't give them to that's why he went to jail."
So, this is how rumors in the entertainment world get started.
By first graders...who knew?

(Photo depicts yet another cheerful swimmer in the family)


  1. kids always outsmart adults...that is why one day they will rule the world!