Friday, September 16, 2011

So You Want To Be Famous...

My brother Julian wants to be famous. Call me crazy, but I kind of think he already is. You may have been to one of his piano concerts, read about him in the newspaper, or heard me brag about him once or twice. I mean, the boy has already sold loads of CDs, played at sold out concert halls from Sydney to Toronto, performed at $1000/ticket fundraisers, been on the radio, TV, played at Carnegie Hall...but I get it. He wants to be REALLY famous, which begs the question, how famous is that? I worked in Italian television (behind the scenes as a producer) and got to meet a lot of famous people. I got to see their insecurities, constant need for approval, and dissatisfaction (sure I have those too, but I'm not famous so it doesn't count).
I used to want to be famous too, back in the day when I won first prize at my middle school talent show and put on shows for my great-aunts (until my mother told me to stop because she was afraid one of them would die from a heart attack...they did laugh a lot. Best Audience Ever.) But when I got older things changed, it was much more fun to hang out with the 'famous' (you know who you are) people cracking jokes in the background without having to worry how my hair looked (that would have been scary on many levels). So I now wonder how famous does the kid want to be? The best pianist/performer in New York City, Europe, the galaxy? And while we're at it are we talking New York Times or Jerseylicious famous? Does he want his own talk show? Or his Youtube video to go viral? Get on a reality show (banish the thought)? Anyway, your suggestions are welcome. And no, having an affair with Sarah Palin doesn't count...(I already suggested that one.)
Check him out:


  1. Ewww, Sarah Palin, that would be famous for all the wrong reasons!

  2. Thanks for sharing - I wonder if one of your kids has the picked up your skill of writing.
    Anyway, whenever you publish your memoirs - I would like a copy, please.

    My opinion on fame:
    Everything comes at a prize. And the prize for fame is high-for my standards:
    -Solitude will be your main companion
    -"friends" will be all around you when you don't really need them and those same "friends" will vanish like rats on a sinking ship when you are in need of ONE.
    -Privacy will be just a sweet memory.

    If that prize is acceptable, I would suggest to hire a communication person who's main focus should be to make Julian go viral and control all that is published about him...mainly the not so positive comments.
    This person should ensure that:
    -every step Julian takes is documented, communicated, and commented on - via social media, local news, etc.
    -a few minutes of every concert is to be found on YouTube
    -journalists of newspapers are to be invited to concerts and provided with incentives to write about him

    and finally, getting acquainted with Paris Hilton or a Kardashian should be a consideration since this will guarantee the tabloids exposure. ;-)

  3. Emila, you're hired! Will pass this on to Julian, and should that ever happen (the memoir) you will be the first! Miss seeing you at CNIS...