Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Things I Learned in 2011...

Plant with a view

My students assumed the term 'teenager' was more of a mental than a numeric reference. Not completely wrong.

Thomas Hardy...where have you been all my life?

If you eat even one single oreo, right before you fall down from a slide and need stitches, you will have to wait five hours before getting the general anesthesia for surgery (Eliot).

Kindergarteners cooking in class: it's all fun and games until someone gets salmonella. And needs to be hospitalized with severe dehydration (Eliot, again).

My husband is a better cook than I am (just wondering why he waited 14 years to prove it...)

After a life-long rejection of fantasy books, I finally succumbed and read one of Alexander's Christmas presents: Eragon...who knew?

Eliot prefaces most of her questions with: "In real life?" which leads me to suspect she's living in a parallel universe.

Changing schools has in no way influenced the amount of time Alexander dedicates to homework.

Gardening is possible even in a high rise Singapore condo (see photo).


  1. Your students? Do you mean here in Singapore?

  2. Hello there, yes, in my Academic Writing class the students (98% Singaporean) referred to a 20 yr old as a teenager which led to a debate and to the revelation (for them) that teenager refers to those ages which end with the word: teen.