Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back To School

"Where's the naan?"
On my way to United World College this morning for workshops and book excited!
I especially can't wait for the Q&A section with the high school students.
Should be interesting...I get my best material from these kids-so inspiring!

I will, of course, be staying on for lunch. After all, how many school canteens do you know with a tandoori clay oven for freshly baked naan bread?  Alexander is always raving about it.
Which reminds me, I'll have to keep my eyes open for him-I couldn't possibly leave the school without giving him at least one gigantic hug in front of all his friends.
The boy expects it.


  1. Let us know how it went! You'll be great!!

    1. Thanks Barbara-will keep you updated...about the talk, the naan, the hug!

  2. Impressive! I guess next thing you know you'll be teaching creative writing there!