Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuff Posh Expats in Singapore Like

"Is that our island?"

1) Black and white houses
2) Fundraiser galas
3) Wine tasting events
4) Shangri-la on Sentosa
5) Bringing the kids to Lapland to see Santa. Alternatively, Tanglin Mall
6) Renting private islands
7) Installing cable television in the maid's room
8) Renovating rustic farmhouses in Provence
9) Traveling to Bhutan
10) UWC

P.S. Yes, I do realize that n. 9: Traveling to Bhutan already appeared in Stuff Expats in Singapore Like
What can I say? That's just how much they like it.


  1. Jennifer, what is UWC? And (showing my ignorance here) what is the appeal of Bhutan? I know nothing about it. ;)

    1. Hello Lisa-thanks for writing. UWC is one of the best International schools in Singapore and the appeal of Bhutan-not sure exactly but it just seems to come up ALOT as a desired destinations here in Singapore!