Thursday, June 20, 2013

This is What Second Grade Looks Like...

"And then he said..."


  1. Eliot with her pals Miah and Jessica!

    1. Hi Jen, I am finally getting back to my facebook and who did I see but Eliot OMG she is beautiful. Tell me a litle about your book,is it for children or adult/children or real adults -- if there are any out there. How is Mom doing. I spoke to her last week and she sounded good and very up. She said she was going to Verona last week but no one answered when I called. Everything in NY is busy as usual and as soon as Sept 1st come even busier. Getting to be crazy -- but when are you coming if you can take it. Best and stay in touch. L/JJ

    2. L/JJ...I need more information?!! Thanks for the compliment in the meantime, glad you are doing well in NY. I have my suspicions :)
      The book is based on the blog, an editor really liked it and one thing leads to's not a novel. Just my take on different aspects about life in Singapore. Hope you like it!!

  2. They are sooo cute!!