Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do's and Don'ts When You're a Kid in Italy

"Maybe they'll buy us a dog if we ask for it in Italian."

1) DO look up. There is beautiful architecture everywhere.

2) DON'T look up for too long...there are also pigeons everywhere.

3) DO order pizza-it's delicious.

4) DON'T order pineapple on top...they'll think you're crazy.

5) DO request gelato every day.

6) DON'T expect them to have Oreo McFlurries.

7) DO drink cappuccino. But only before 11 am...afterwards is un-Italian.

8) Don't say ciao to adults, they prefer buongiorno.

9) Do lose a tooth. The fairy leaves euros.

10) Don't forget your camera. Where else can you see a nun on a vespa?