Monday, October 7, 2013

Signs Your Kid's School Trip Is Different From The Trip You Took As A Kid

Kayaking at dawn in Sibu, Malaysia (photo Martin Spreckley)

1) It's not a school trip. It's an expedition.
2) It lasts five days, requires a passport, and is to a place you never even heard of until recently.
3) There are no visits to museums, art galleries, or churches.
4) You fasten mosquito bracelets on his ankles before sending him off.
5) Your son needs to bring a head torch for night time kayaking.
6) He uses it.
7) The stuff he packs is what you assume Bear Gryllis needs when filming "Man vs. Wild:" energy bars, water shoes, long sleeve rash vest, mosquito repellent, short finger cycling gloves, water proof slicker, and high factor sunscreen.
8) He corrects you more than once: "It's not stuff. It's called gear."
9) That gear costs more than all the school trips you ever took put together.
10) His buddy brings along birthday cookies and homemade sandfly repellent. 120 bites later, they realize they both forgot to use it.
11) He doesn't like your suggestion of writing a detailed description about the trip. "While it's still fresh."
12) He sums up the trip with one word: "Awesome."


  1. Awesome kayaking photo!

    1. I agree-not mine though! Excellent photographer.

    2. The proper term currently is "creds to Martin Sprekley", according to my teenagers :)
      It's me Therese

  2. Not the same school trip I took as a kid that's for sure!!

  3. Haha, as an expat child myself, I think this still beats my old ones! (although I do remember a few involving plenty of mosquitos, and some leeches as well...)

    1. You had me at leeches...would love to hear more about those stories in Sarawak-sounds like such an exciting childhood!

  4. Hahaha. Funny as hell :D 120 bites later they realize they forgot to use the repellent! Epic . Hahahaha