Sunday, May 3, 2015

All Things Considered

A Chair with a View (photo creds to Alexander)

So Alexander, what do you remember best about last summer?
"That night when I dipped those cantucci biscuits in Vin Santo while we were watching "La Grande Bellezza," in that farmhouse in Tuscany."
Seriously? And I thought he was going to say when I bought him a slingshot...
It's like the boy is living in a Bertolucci film.
I feel like my work here is done.


  1. Dear Jennifer,

    I tried to post (something similar to) this comment earlier but I believe it didn't go through. Or maybe it did. But, just in case, here it goes.

    I stumbled upon your book "Diary of an Expat in Singapore" a few days ago in a bookshop on North Bridge Street in Singapore, which I think you would like (it's small and has a random array of new and old books, just like the ones in Dublin). Your book made me laugh out loud while sunbathing on my own on Palawan beach in Sentosa this weekend. Yes, I got strange looks from everyone. No, I did not mind.
    Oh! - and, by the way, I live in Dublin (although I am originally from Lisbon in Portugal).

    I am staying in Singapore for work for a total of two weeks (one more to go). I work as a trainer in one of the tech companies. This morning, back in work on Eu Tong Sen Street, one of my trainees was missing. Another trainee decided to call her to check on her. When the call ended, here’s what she told me:
    “Teresa, she’s having diarrhoea. She’ll only be able to come in later.”

    I could only think of your book and Singaporeans’ over-the-top honesty. I had to make a big effort not to roll on the floor laughing at the coincidence - although, in all fairness, it’s either a coincidence or Singaporeans really do mention their diarrhoea quite often. I’m not sure. It’s probably both.

    Anyway, I loved your book and I wanted to tell you that. It has been an amazing, unspoken culture guide to the city. So… Grazie for that!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful week :)


    1. Thank you Teresa for taking the time to write me this lovely comment. At the end of the day, it's what makes it all worthwhile! You made my day :)

    2. Oh, thank you for replying Jennifer! Made my day that it made your day :)

  2. Can't disagree with that! Lucky boy.

    1. Thanks Anonymous, just thought it was the funniest assessment ever!