Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Worst Parenting Moment

Sure, some nudity. It's Italy after all.
Last night after dinner.
Alexander, would you say my worst parenting moment was letting you and your sister have slingshots or watch La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) last summer?
Eliot: "Oh yeah, I remember when that naked woman runs into the wall."
You remember that? I was really counting on the jetlag to kick in...
Alexander: "No, probably that other movie was worse with all the naked men jumping into the pond."
A Room with a View? I last saw that in college. All I remembered was the girl with the curly hair and the beautiful countryside.
Eliot: "That was so funny."
Okay, so that was my worst parenting moment? Letting you and your little sister watch A Room with a View. We can all agree on that?
Alexander: "No. Right now is your worst parenting moment. I'm trying to do my homework and you keep asking me questions."
You're right...anybody want to watch The Bicycle Thief?

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