Monday, April 18, 2011

The Unthinkable: Me Signing Up For Boot Camp

I don't usually upload pictures of myself (see never) but for this special, momentous occasion decided to make an exception. I just hosted a special fitness talk/coffee at my house given by my good friend/wellness coach Jen. Those of you who know me may view my hosting a special fitness talk as something of an oxymoron. My husband once gave me 10 sessions with a personal trainer as a birthday present...let's just say we still refer to it as Black Sunday.
As Jen enthralled us with knowledgable talk on cardio vs. strength resistance, I surreptitiously offered macaroons and blueberry muffins. She talked about excercise regimes while I secretly wondered whether dipping oreos in coffee counted toward burning calories. She also nixed my breakfast of cereals (which I thought was incredibly healthy as opposed to my college handful of m&ms) as lacking in proteins. She even had us do an excercise and guess the name?
"Crunches?" I volunteered. "Uh, no, Jennifer, those would be lunges."
More coffee, anyone?
So, how did I go from eating macaroons to signing up for her boot camp next month? Wildly optimistic desire to finally get fit or anthropological experiment, who's to say?
Anyway, if I don't get a heart attack during my first session, it should be interesting, stay tuned.
Mojito anyone?


  1. Have to see this to believe it!

  2. Anything is possible...literally.

  3. So funny Jen and I can't wait to hear updates from you over a good Latte and oreo cheesecake at United Square! (after, of course, a very tough workout and diet plan! - she did say we could have one meal of indulgence a week and perhaps that could be brunch at the Hyatt!?)
    Seriously thank you for hosting such a great morning and here is to a healthier and fitter group of women. x

  4. I stopped eating sugar for 3 months and gained 6 pounds. Whose to say what some exercise will do to you. I'm staying tuned!

  5. Thanks guys for your all your comments and encouragement...oreo cheesecake at United...don't tempt me!

  6. I loved what she said about the right nutrition!

  7. I'll take that mojito Jen after you've successfully completed your first Boot Camp session ! :)
    Seriously though - even the faint of heart can learn to enjoy exercize when you are surrounded by inspiring women like those who do FitMoms boot camp!! Can't wait to have you join !

  8. Well you could go to the gym for life and it just might make a small dent

  9. Harsh...yet true. This is somebody who knows me well!