Monday, April 4, 2011

And Then God Bought Me...

"That ant keeps following me."
He's not following you. Ants are actually very nice. If anything, they are scared of you because you're so big and they're so small. Maybe he's climbing your leg because he thinks you're a tree.
"But why does he think I'm a tree?"
It's 7:20 am, there's only so much mental energy I can devote to this topic. The words of Robin Williams in Live from the Met come back to me: "Who the $@# do you think I am? Carl Sagan?"
"Is there anywhere with no ants?"
No, no, no. There are ants everywhere, Singapore, Italy...New York. Just get used to ants.
"But not in a snowy place."
That's right, not in the snow. Maybe Alaska. Hmmm, I've never been to Alaska.
"Mommy...yes you have. You've been everywhere. You know, before you were born. Before I was born I was just bones...and then God bought me. Right?"
Where is the bus?
('Ant-wary' Eliot trying to get a pigeon to eat crumbs from her hand last summer in Verona.)