Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jump Right In...

Alexander's DS just arrived from New York together with the new Pokemon game compliments of his grandparents. He had been checking the mailbox at least three times a day since he heard it might be coming. Eliot and I intercepted the mailman and, lo and behold, it had arrived. Eliot brought it upstairs as though she were carrying the keys to the palace.
I haven't seen Alexander that thrilled in a very long time. He wanted me to film him so that he could always remember how happy he was when he opened the package. I couldn't find the camera and when I did it needed to be re-charged. So I figured it was a good time to explain what a mental picture was. Eliot was his personal assistant, jumping up to get scissors, throw away wrapping. Then she was accorded the dubious honor of watching him play. A role she didn't take lightly.
The funny part came at night when he had to turn off the game to go to sleep and realized he hadn't learned how/if he could save the points accumulated during this one hour long game. Watching his frantic worry, Eliot voiced her concerns: "I hope he doesn't get 'dicted."
On our way to school this morning, Alexander said: "My ultimate goal is getting every Pokemon game there is."
That's your ultimate goal? That really shouldn't be what you are striving for in life."
No, just joking, Mommy. Of course, I want to get married, have a wife and children.
(Help, you're only nine.) About that Pokemon collection...I say, good plan, jump right in...
(Alexander in Ubud, Bali)


  1. Alexander is one cool kid!

  2. Oh Jen, i like his real goal.*I want to get married, have a wife and children.* hahaha....

  3. I know, couldn't believe I was even hearing him pronounce the word 'wife.'
    So out of character...