Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eliot At Five

Eliot and bear
1. "Why did you make Alexander before me?"
2. "The boys in my class run after me at the playground and try to kiss me." (Big brother's advice: 'Run fast.")
2. "Show and Tell is very important." (Aka: it is vital to bring something new, perfect, and that every other kid will want...every single time.)
3. "I might try riding the school bus again," (after noticing that kids who do ride the bus get to wear a tag).
4. "If 'Alezander' never does his homework, are you going to send him to the orphanage?" (Boarding school. I said, boarding school.)
5. "Are there witches in Singapore?" "Can they fly through glass windows?"
6. "If Alezander likes Naruto, I like Naruto. If he wants Pokemon cards, then I want Pokemon cards. That's because he's my bruder."
7. "We can play with dolls and princess dresses, but first, we have to pretend we're puppies." (Little Miss Bossy on playdates.)
8. "I like what you did with the house, Daddy. Good job."
9. "Is God here right now?"
10. "You're my best Mommy in the world." Alexander: "She's your only Mommy." (But still, I'll take it where I can.)
(Eliot with Bear)


  1. Eliot is a cutie!

  2. OK she is a cutie, but isn't it my bear the one she is holding?