Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alexander At Nine

1) "I can't wait till I'm an adult. Then I can do whatever I want. Like eating chips in front of the television late at night." (The boy does have a point.)
2) "I can't speak to him in Mandarin, Mom. He won't understand. He's Korean." (How many Korean taxi drivers are there, realistically speaking, in Singapore?)
3) "I'm really good at saying things in a very convincing manner, even if they're not true. That's my super power." (Okay...)
4) "If my best friend is still my best
friend when I get married, then he can be my best man. It's a very big responsability." (Thinking ahead, I like that.)
5) "My teacher said we should just focus on our spelling list for this week and not do any other homework," (as he puts his spelling list aside and takes out a book to read. Is it even worth the battle?)
6)"This is amazing," (the discovery that the show 'Mythbusters' is on the Ipad).
7) "Please, let me keep reading in bed even though it's way past my bedtime. It's my only joy in life." (Uncannily similar to the way I felt as a child).
8) "The reason I like reading so much is I don't have to think of anything else when I'm reading." (Wow, finally expressed in words what I've felt all these years.)
9) "Is there any college where I don't have to do Math? That's where I want to go." (I guess that's where the DNA kicks in.)
10) "I never want to go to Venice again. We might lose Eliot."