Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring in Singapore

Spring is in the air, la la la la la la la! "What does spring mean?" my daugher inquires. That's the thing about living in a country that boasts sunny, tropical weather from January to December. It gets kind of hard to explain seasons to your kids. We were just through this. "What is winter?" Let's see, winter is very cold. "Really, then why is it so hot? Is it going to snow?"
Not likely. I know it's an expat cliche to complain about missing the seasons, but that's the thing about cliches. They're usually true. And so I reminisce about the colors of the autumn foliage at Vassar, the winter fog outside my window overlooking the river in Verona, that smell of fresh flowers in spring when everything seems possible.
Then again, where else can you swim outdoors all year round? You win some, you lose some.
Kids, about that snowball fight...


  1. I miss the seasons, too!!!

  2. Who would have thought Singapore would have brought the "philosophy major" you are at heart out...?!

  3. Although I love autumn leaves, constant sweeping can be a pain

    1. I've heard this complaint before...but it is beautiful!

  4. you are and always will be a gifted writer

  5. Thank you, Laura, that's very sweet! Hope everything is good in your neck of the woods!