Sunday, March 27, 2011

Which Winx should I be?

Oh no, Eliot has discovered the Winx. (An animated series consisting of five glamorous fairies with magical powers and super short skirts. They're so sexy they make Barbie look like a nun.) I googled them and found out that this global phenomenon is actually Italian (that explains the fashionable look)...but still. A friend brought over the films and Eliot watched back to back Winx. Now, she's hooked.
Just yesterday I was ever so lightly nudging her toward medical school: "Wouldn't it be great to cure people?" But now she's thinking: "Wouldn't it be great to wear short, glittery skirts?"
Last night in bed Eliot pondered about her future movie career as one of the Winx: "When I get taller I'm going to be in the Winx movie, I can be Bloom even though I don't have the right hair but that's my favorite one..."
Alexander looks up from his How to Design Manga Comics to ask: "What? Eliot is going to be in a movie?"
"Yes, when I'm big. But Mommy I'll have to show my belly button like she does..."
What? No, I don't like it. I mean (trying to cover my ultra-conservative stance), well, sometimes you can but not always.
I can be really tough when I have to...

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