Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here Comes the Bride...

Alexander and I were watching the royal wedding when, lo and behold, we turn around and see this!
Well, somebody was clearly influenced by all the celebrations.
Not that Eliot hadn't already been giving plenty of thought to her 'marriage day.'
When the boy she likes best from her class came over for a playdate she announced they would be getting married one day. Explaining: "You know, when I'm tall and have longer hair."
The little boy concurred: "Yes, I'm marrying Eliot..." but then (somewhat ruining the romantic mood), he continued: "And then, a chicken. I love chickens."
Ever the pragmatist, Eliot answered: "We could get a chicken as a pet."
"Alright," he compromised.
Nice to see my five year old is a problem solver and not at all a bigamist.
But I have to admit I'm happier when she nixes the whole marriage thing: "Or I can live with you forever, right Mommy?"
As Alexander would say: "Oh yes!"

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