Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Sleuth in the House...

Yesterday Eliot presented me with a crumpled up piece of paper she had found in her brother's trash bin and another piece of paper on which she had tried to re-copy most of the original message. "See, Mommy, I found this, it's Alexander's. He threw it away but I got it back."
'Dear Mommy, sometimes you make me very angry...."
Ahhhh, comes a bloodcurdling scream from Alexander: "She's looking through my private stuff. It's like having the CSI in the house."
Don't you mean CIA? And Eliot, please leave Alexander's stuff alone.
(Such cunning, and from a 5 yr old who can barely write her name, not sure whether to be impressed or scared...)


  1. Devilish Eliot!

  2. When Tess was 2, she would hide Ronan's favorite lego characters. She would watch as he fell to pieces. I would find the pieces in hidden in her stroller basket. Little sisters! (I'm one, too, btw)

  3. This kid will go far...!