Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sure Signs You Are in a Taxi in Singapore

"You talkin' to me?"

1) Driver turns without signaling.
2) Kids call the driver uncle.
3) Driver expects you to tell him how to get where you want to go.
4) You're feeling lucky. Two previous taxis refused to pick you up after they heard your destination shaking their head vigorously 'no' they drove off...leaving you feeling only slightly less rejected than a middle grader looking for a seat at the canteen on his first day of school.
5) You're feeling really's raining. And no, it's not an impression, there really are less taxis around.


  1. You talkin to me?!!! I guess it could be worse-Robert De Niro driving...good one!

  2. * you are thrilled to be in one of the luxury cabs just as a torrential downpour unleashes
    * you are flummoxed by the choice of asking the air to be turned down (and thus the ability to breath) and catching pneumonia from the 2*C air
    * you hear an incessant stream of clucking from the driver as he regrets ever picking this Ang Moh as you get stuck in a traffic jam right at change over.
    * you get the real low down on Singapore politics and social harmony.

  3. Taxi or car=the expat dilemma. I'll take the taxi!

  4. Are you saying there is the chance Robert De Niro would be driving my taxi in Singapore??? I'm coming!

  5. I just found your blog looking for tips on how to tip my part time help for CNY and I've been reading for the past two hours! It's so entertainingly written and you seem like a woman after my own heart :D
    I just moved to Singapore last month.

  6. Wow, you are such an amazing writer! I am in awe because you get so much done in such a little amount of time and with 2 kids!


  7. So so so true! The taxi culture here is a thing unto itself!

    1. I agree-maybe not so Robert De Niro-ish but I couldn't resist!

  8. AND you get whiplash AND nausea from the stop/go, stop/go ...

  9. Also:
    - Driver falls asleep while driving;
    - thinks the directions you are giving him are wrong (even though you have lived in this country for years), and
    - a driver who doesn't help a mother with a) a toddler who stands on the car seats & winds the windows up & down, up & down..., b) too many grocery bags & c) a stroller to fold & put in the trunk of the car whilst juggling the toddler & groceries at the same time! :)