Monday, November 4, 2013

Best Thing About Being a Girl

Alexander enjoying the odds (7 yr old beauties from left: Jessica, Eliot, Maddie, and Sienna)

Best thing about being a girl brought to you by a 'totally random' group of 7 yr old girls.
(With such self-confidence at 7, it's a mystery that only 20% women hold a political office...but that's another blog.)

1) It's kind of embarrassing to be a boy....because boys can't spin around.

2) If girls wear a bracelet that's not really nice...they still actually look nice.

3) We're really talented at drawing.

4) We're pretty no matter what.

5) We can wear everything we want: pants or dresses.

6) I feel sorry for people who are boys because they get into fights.

7) You don't get hurt as much when you're a girl.

8) Girls are pretty powerful.

9) Oh yeah, girls rule...boys drool.


  1. I love how they feel sorry for boys "because they get into fights." So true!

  2. Too bad all that awesome self-confidence goes...some time during middle school.