Sunday, December 1, 2013

If Emily Dickinson Had Lived in Singapore

"How dreary to be somebody..."

1) Instead of living in rural Massachussets, she would have lived in Sembawang.
2) Instead of writing: "I'm nobody, who are you?" She would have written: "I'm an expat without about you?"
3) Instead of: "Hope is the thing with feathers." She would have written: "Hope is the taxi with a green light."
4) Instead of themes of death and immortality, her poetry might have dealt with mould and humidity.
5) And that feeling of a funeral in her brain, might have just been a headache due to dehydration.


  1. As an New Englander ex-pat living in Sembawang....Spot On!!

    1. Thanks, that's the feedback I hope to hear! Love New England!

  2. heat and humidity...i hear you ;)

  3. An expats without benefits IS nobody, ha ha ha cause that's who I am.