Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Welcome to Singapore!

"I think I have to be somewhere..."

My little brother Julian (he's the one not wearing a school uniform) is back in Singapore for two piano concerts, if you're in town be sure to catch him either Dec.11th at the Arts House http://www.eventfinda.sg/2013/a-night-of-music-and-friendship-with-julian-gargiulo/singapore/raffles-place or Dec. 12th at Raffles Hotel http://allevents.in/singapore/striking-a-chord-for-life,-12-dec-2013/247581125402722.
...that's if he finishes helping with the Math homework.

I fully expected to be the one helping the kids in English but if I have to help them in Math too...well, that's just wrong. And with the 'Math parent' on a business trip, there's no better time for a visit from family. Forget bringing visitors to the Singapore flyer or shopping on Orchard Road., why not have them help the kids with homework instead?
And I'm not just doing this for me, it's supposedly the best jetlag cure ever!


  1. Best Jet lag cure ever.. help the kids with their homework! Hahaha :D Love it!

    1. Thanks...childhood traumas of math coming back to me!