Monday, January 13, 2014

A Room With an Uncensored View

"Now that's a view!"

I know all about a room with a view. I grew up in a house with a view. Instead of the Arno river in Florence, it overlooked the Adige in Verona. Then, an evil witch took it away. It's called rental. She wasn't a real witch (obviously) but that's the story I like to tell my kids. It seemed like a good idea until a 4 year old Alexander spotted the actual landlady and screamed (while pointing at her): the witch!
Yesterday, was the last day of the kids' three week (yikes) school holiday, so to mark this momentous occasion, the kids and I ordered a pizza and sat down to watch a movie. I chose A Room With a View. I was pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed this English period drama. I first watched it years ago in college. It probably helped that, since it is set in Italy, they constantly thought they were recognizing churches and squares: "I remember those pigeons."

Spoiler Alert: There is major male frontal nudity.
Forget the controversy surrounding "The Wolf on Wall Street," which has been censored here in Singapore, if you want uncensored male nudity at a cheap price, just watch A Room With a View on youtube. A bit of a surprise in such a stuffy movie, but apparently when you present British gentry with a cold water creek in the countryside, they just can't get out of their multilayered clothes fast enough. The most interesting bit was hearing the kids ask: "Why aren't they censoring this? I thought naked people weren't allowed on TV in Singapore. This is like Italy."


  1. I do not remember male frontal nudity?!!

  2. Oh yes. Lots of it. You'll have to watch it again...or just trust my word on it.

  3. Ha ha!! Too true...

  4. Naked people on TV in Italy...I'm moving there :)

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