Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chinese homework

Alexander didn't want to go to school today. Actually it was the first time ever. He was scared about not remembering a Chinese poem he needed to recite by heart. Seems the teacher yelled at him yesterday, threatened to cane him, and had him stand outside the door for the duration of the class. Probably the fact that he was more interested in reading "Percy Jackson" than doing his Chinese homework had something to do with it. Having gone through the Italian school system I wasn't overly sympathetic and just answered: "But did you SEE a cane?"
By this morning he had learned all of it. I was quite impressed and asked him what it meant. "Something about the moon?"
Over the weekend, he got me quite angry so much that I told him I would be looking up boarding schools on the computer. The fact that a few moments later, Eliot wondered out loud: "Is boy going to an orphanage?" didn't really help.
Later that day, he was good as gold, even bought me some flowers ('not purple even though they are your favorites because they were too expensive'). He even bought Baby some princess stickers with his tooth fairy money. Still, boarding school is always an option.


  1. I like your caning question. Ha! Empty violent threats to memorize poetry. Nice.

  2. But did you SEE a cane??? Good one.