Tuesday, November 3, 2009

But why can't I have a dog?

"But why can't I have a dog?"
Well, let's see, you really wanted to get a guitar and then you lost interest.
"But that's because I wanted an electric guitar and you got me a classical one."
You wanted to do wushu and then you quit, tennis and then you quit.
"But that's because I'm a quitter."
Don't say that. You are not a quitter. Okay, you really wanted that thing that shoots darts and then you lost interest, the Ben 10 watch, where is it now?
"On the high shelf in your closet because you said that when my friends came over they would want to play with it and they would break it."
Good point.
"Mom, those are all things but a dog is not a thing."
That's what I'm worried about.
"A dog is different. I would love a puppy. Or at least a rip stick. Or a scooter. One of those three things. Or a PSP."
How about a puppy that goes on a rip stick. Or a scooter that barks. That would be cool.
"See, now you're doing that thing, joking. I don't like it when you do that."

(Okay, I can see why he didn't like this part when he read my: 'Diary of an Expat Kid'. It is the exact conversation we had!) More to come...

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