Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maybe it won't rain?

My first coffee of the day. Nothing like it. And both kids at school. Silence in the house. Heaven. I feel like skipping from room to room and playing Billy Holiday. Maybe not.
I just brought Alexander downstairs to get the bus in a torrential downpour but by the time I had to walk with Eliot to her kindergarten down the street it had stopped. Thank goodness for that and thank goodness for her no longer finding her pink flute (hmmm) which yesterday she insisted on playing the whole way to school. I mean, she's not the pied piper. And, more importantly, I'm not deaf.
Yesterday was a different story. I went to pick her up without an umbrella (never a good idea in Singapore during rainy season). Halfway there the random drop turned into a heavy downfall. After a few seconds I could barely see where I was going it was that dense. I was completely drenched. Money well spent at the hairdresser's was all I could think. When I got to the school I looked like something the cat had dragged in. Yet still wearing my sunglasses. (They are prescription and without them I could easily wander into another preschool and God knows who I could pick up).


  1. Could you get laser surgery for your eyes? You've been mistaking people for other people since at least 1987. Remember that time you thought that fat white woman was our thin African American roommate???