Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dialectics 101

I was a philosophy major in college so I know a little something about dialectics and the importance of argument in the discovery of truth. But when Eliot has a friend over on a playdate I really don't know if she's engaging in dialectics or 5 yr old style negotiation. The following is just a snippet of a conversation I overheard yesterday:

"If you don't believe in fairies, then you don't believe in God," Eliot matter-of-factly states.
But I do believe in God, replies her friend (nervously).
"Well, you need to be nice to God."
I am nice to God.
"But you're not being nice to me."
Yes, I am.
"No, you said you don't believe in fairies."
At this point, the somewhat confused and mentally exhaused friend, concedes, Okay, I do believe in fairies.
"Okay then. Now, we can play. So which fairy do you want to be?"

(No need for dialectics with the playmates pictured above.)

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