Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten Signs We May Have Overstayed?

Sometimes, I'm afraid we've stayed too long in South East Asia and that the kids won't know their roots. What those roots are I'm not exactly sure. Alexander and Eliot were both born in Verona (at the same hospital) but their father (a Veronese) claims they will never be true Veronesi (he's basing this on the fact that they don't swear, play soccer, or eat horse meat). So, I guess this means, for better or worse, Singapore is their home. But, sometimes, I get nervous. What if they never fit in when we do return to live in Italy (whenever that may be)?
The following traits they've recently acquired do nothing to assuage my fears:

1) The craving to eat hot, spicy chicken at 10 am.
2) Alexander's familiarity with chopsticks.
3) Their preference of rice over pasta.
4) Their giddy anticipation of chewing gum in Verona. (Singapore doesn't sell gum. And no, I'm not counting the gum they sell in pharmacies.)
5) Eliot's knowledge of more words in Mandarin than in Italian.
6) The inability to grasp the concept of changing seasons.
7) The belief that everybody has a pool.
8) Eliot's teary breakdown because she doesn't have straight, black hair.
9) Alexander surreptitious usage of hair gel (to have aforementioned straight, black hair).
10) When they say they want to go to Disneyland, they're referring to the one in Tokyo.

They say you can never go home again. What do you think?


  1. Hilarious! Lots of truth in it.

  2. This is great! But the question is: do they really want to be Veronese?

  3. Interesting question I never really thought about that perspective. Just would like them to feel like they belong to verona if you know what I mean...

  4. Another amazing list. I always wanted soft blonde hair so I guess the grass is always greener ;-)

  5. I'm really enjoying your posts, bookmarked your site so I don't miss any.

    When you mentioned "Their giddy anticipation of chewing gum" It's not just the kids who think of this. I've been living here in lovely hot Singapore for 7 months but missing gum like crazy. Plotting how to sneak some in when I go back to visit my family :)

  6. Well... your kids are typical third culture kids. They should embrace their host country's culture and let them do it but also encourage them to learn about your culture as well as your husbands.
    Your lists are hilarious and oh so true.