Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love Etc.

Today Eliot came out with a basic philosophical truth about love (which I know will come in handy during the rebellious teenage years). It's so clear it's almost ridiculous. I just wish I had thought of it as a kid...

She looked me straight in the eye and explained in a matter of fact voice (not so different from the one I use during university lectures):
"Mommy, I love you even when I say you're the worst Mommy in the world. That's the way I say I love you when I'm crying and angry. But when I'm clear..."
Wait clear? You mean not fussy?
"Yes, when I'm clear and say you're the best Mommy in the world, that's also true. So if I say you're the best or the worst I still really love you. Now, do you understand? Oh, and do you paint your hair golden? I know it's yes, but I won't tell that secret."

Bottom line: If you want to feel crazy love get a five year old. Or a puppy.

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