Thursday, June 9, 2011

School, again?!

"There's school again today?" (You'd think putting on her school uniform would be a giveaway, but no...we have the conversation).
"Aww, why do I have to go to school?"
Because it's the law. If you don't go, the principal will come and get you.
(I know, sounds terrible, but has actually been working for me since she started preschool two years ago).
"The boss?"
Yes, the boss. Do you want the boss to come to our house and say: 'Is Eliot here? How come she's not in school. She needs to come with me right away.'
"Okay....can I bring Bear with me? But you take him back home with you. I'm not a baby."
It will be fun, you're making dumplings in school today. Besides, going to school is mandatory from 4 to 18.
"What is mandatory?"
You have to do it. But after 18, you can decide to go or not to go.
Alexander, suddenly interested, "I am sooo going to go after 18. And I even want to get one of those doctor degrees."
Medical School?
"No, the one you got."
Oh, PhD.
"Yes, I'm definitely getting one of those!"
Really? You do realize there is some writing involved?


  1. That's so funny coming from Alexander!

  2. I know, the boy who comes up with excuses about why he doesn't have to do his homework, every day!