Friday, February 3, 2012

Stuff Fifth Graders Say

(My own fifth grader, Alexander)
1) Awesome!
3) Double jinx
4) I don't have any homework.
5) Can we have a double sleepover?
6) Can I bring my skateboard?
7) I wish I were in a dojo.
8) Oh, I didn't know that was a bad word.
9) I just turned on the TV this second.
10) I'm really into technology...can I get an iphone?


  1. Funny, how old is Alexander now?

  2. 10, most of his classmates are 11 though. He's the youngest in his entire grade (8 classes), you can kind of tell!

  3. Amazing - this is exactly what my 5th grader has to say.. well written Jennifer. Epic !! is another word I would add to the list :-).

  4. Thanks Anju, you're right. Epic is definitely a word I hear a lot!!